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Not suffering fools lightly: Rachel Maddow edition

Posted on Jan 20, 2010 by billsimmon in crazy people, politics, TV | 2 Comments

I caught this the other night and as Rachel was explaining the facts of the story (about how a US rifle scope manufacturer has apparently been printing Bible verses on scopes that are then sold to the US military and used in combat operations in the middle east), I felt myself getting angry at the utter self-righteous, willful stupidity of the morons who thought that was a good idea. I wanted to yell at them and call them idiots.  It’s like Rachel read my mind…



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  1. It’s always nice when Rachel echoes what I’m thinking on the TV box. Saw this. As someone writing sci-fi set during a future Muslim/Western war, Bill, gotta say it doesn’t surprise me. After all, didn’t Jesus teach, “Love your enemies by shooting them with guns whose rifle sights carry my words…” or something like that? Made me extremely angry. Thanks for featuring it!

  2. Wes caught this early and plopped a post at The Contrarian. Disturbing stuff. But sadly unsurprising.

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