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and oh yeah, Comcast sucks.

Posted on Jan 23, 2010 by billsimmon in Comcast sucks | 8 Comments

Our internet has been in and out for two days. That’s typical for the weekend. It’s astounding how used to it I’ve become. Imagine if another utility — say the electric company — had regular outages or intermittent service as a common occurrence. They’d lose their Certificate of Public Good in two minutes flat. Somehow it’s okay with Comcast though.

And it’s not like there’s anything I can do. I call. They check the connection and it works, or they happen to catch it when it’s out (not too difficult since it’s all the fucking time). All they can do is tell me to replace my modem (been there, done that) or they can send a technician several days hence. Technicians have been here, but only when everything is working fine and they say it all looks good. Then they go away and say “call us if it happens again.” Then the cycle repeats. It’s fucking Kafkaesque.

I’m seriously considering making a documentary film about how awful the company’s service is. Anyone with stories want to be interviewed? Maybe I should just write the VT Public Service Board or the Attorney General’s office. I cannot believe they get to operate like this with impunity.

And any Comcast customer service reps who are considering commenting and offering help. I know your secret. You can’t actually do anything useful. I’ve been down that road.



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  1. On January 23, 2010, evening said:

    huh, we haven’t had problems like that in a long, long time (we use comcast). it can take a long time to figure out what is wrong, unfortunately (something’s loose somewhere not obvious, modem & router don’t like each other, etc).

    good luck!

  2. It’s Comcast’s fucking fault, plain and simple. You have no IDEA how far I’ve taken my complaints, and for how many years, with ZERO resolution. This company should be illegal.

  3. On January 24, 2010, Rob said:

    What evening said is true here too. It took a year of problems with router changes and tweaking and now it works great. The last time the tech came to the house he installed a powered booster/splitter. It plugs in the wall and has lights showing service to each room. The light on the lead to the guest room (cable TV only)was intermittent and he found a bad end. No problems since and WoW runs smooth now. About every 3 months or so the router has to be reset, otherwise, zoom.

  4. Rob, I’ve been in THREE seperate locations with a half dozen routers Comcast is incompetent. Period. The fact that I live in a major market with zero competition for broadband is not just a travesty, but a regulatory/public interest/marketplace failure of the highest order. Comcast is interested in nothing but commercial exploitation and corporate overleveraging to please shareholders. I hope they buy NBC and crash and motherfucking burn. This company should be illegal, plain and simple. They’d fit in great in China, except I think their speeds are too slow for that market.

  5. On January 25, 2010, Rob said:

    Woe there! I’m not saying Comcast is in no way at fault. That is totally possible. I got lucky with a tech guy who was also a gamer and took pity on me. He spent 2 1/2 hours going over our stuff and that seems to have made our connection better. I still have billing issues with them and the summer storms (Florida) knock it out for a couple hours. I have friends in the area that won’t go near them for the same reasons you give. I’m simply telling Bill that it may not be necessary for him to get used to the interrupted service and not to give up on looking for an in house fix. If his service is going down as well as his neighbors, then clearly that’s their fault. I don’t know all the details but his story as I read it here is identical to mine and my service works now.

  6. On January 25, 2010, Eric B said:

    I haven’t had an internet outage with Comcast in over two years, and that was because my modem was zapped. I have a Linksys modem (that I bought) and router in the new north end. Same thing with two of my neighbors.

  7. On January 25, 2010, Rob said:

    BTW that tech told me not to use anything but Linksys equipment.

  8. On May 30, 2011, Sharon said:

    WOW, we have lost service also with the terrible electrical storm and realize it may take a little while, however it has been 5 days now and 7 minuets into the village my mom has service and never lost it, bigger is not always better. Good luck, evening.

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