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What the Internet is for

Chatroulette. I haven’t tried it, but I love that it exists. Here’s a great little documentary about it… And here’s a ridiculously awesome hack of the idea. I wish I’d thought of this.


Poli-Sci-Fi Radio’s 100th episode!

I’m pretty excited about this! Join Steve, Emily and me on Sunday from 4 – 6 P.M. eastern time for the live broadcast & stream of Poli-Sci-Fi Radio’s 100th episode. Special guests joining us during Sunday’s broadcast/stream include… MSNBC political commentator and analyst, Rachel Maddow Comics writer and illustrator, Brian Wood Political blogger, Matt Yglesias [...]


Some web video dos and don’ts

I just watched this web video interview with ProBlogger scribe Darren Rowse in which he admonishes new bloggers to blog abut subjects they have some expertise in. This is really good advice — it makes the blog in question not only interesting and entertaining (assuming the blogger has some writing chops and a winning personality) [...]


Getting Better: Links

I was totally thrashed by the flu last week. I taught class a week ago Monday, despite feeling under the weather (mistake) and then for the next five days I couldn’t stand up for more than a few minutes at a time and had a very bad chest/head situation. There was no high fever, which [...]


Links for your Tuesday

Because I still occasionally find the five minutes in my schedule to do a linkdump… Selleck Waterfall Sandwich. God bless the Internet. Sexting, and what it means to be a girl How to report the news Augmented Hyper-Reality (a view of the future?) UK SF writer Damien G. Walter is teaching a class on science [...]