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Tuesday nerdy links

It’s supposed to be 84 degrees and sunny on Saturday. Fut the whuck? I suppose I’ll have to go outside or something now… 13 Ways of Looking at Liz Lemon Alien vs. Pooh A to Z of Awesomeness I feel certain I’ve seen this before, but everyone on the interwebz is linking to it like [...]


A (small) Dumping of the Links

Clearing some tabs… Who deserves credit for passage of the H/C bill? Some say it wouldn’t have happened without the efforts of one Steve Benen. Others give much-deserved credit to Hugh of Borg. Sam Harris says some really smart stuff about science and morality. Sam Harris also debates Deepak Chopra on ABC’s Nightline about whether [...]


My SXSW Slideshow

The idea here was to include the audio of me speaking along with this so it would make more sense, but I’m not quite sure how to do that yet. So here are my lame slides. They’re really basic, but they’ll give you a rough sense of my presentation at SXSW last week. Use the [...]


SXSW Day the Last

Much too exhausted to blog effectively. Instead here’s a brief list of things that happened today. Chatted with Amanda Congdon about Chuck Olsen’s relative awesomeness. Commiserated with the director of American: The Bill Hicks Story over SXSW’s lackluster business center. Seriously? They don’t take cash for 25 cent printing purchases? Said some shite to a [...]


SXSW Day Three

Today was actually kind of nice and relaxing. I was up early enough to catch the first sessions (at the crack of eleven). I went to the What is Open Video panel and halfway through, I realized that I was missing the Clay Shirky talk that was happening simultaneously. Shirky is one of the interactive [...]


SXSW day two

Long day today. I slept in (wow, I needed it) and then got lunch with Andy and Todd at the Iron Works BBQ place. I attended a film panel on “cause-driven” filmmaking that was pretty good. Then I saw Ze Frank’s talk, which was awesome in its Ze Frankness. A beer in the park followed [...]


First (long) Day

Okay, it’s after 2:30 AM so this is gonna be brief. Tim Blake Nelson and I made eye contact at JFK this morning. He was on my flight to Austin. I passed his row on my way to the lavatory and noticed he was watching a 1970s Roy Scheider movie on his laptop that may [...]


Pre-SXSW linkdump

I’m clearing some tabs before the trip… This “Academy Award-Winning Trailer” borrows a bit from Soderbergh’s Schitzopolis, but in a good way. What you should “realistically” do if you find yourself the last person on Earth. Best. Cuckoo. Clock. Ever. An exhaustive hand-written list of Types of Bitches. Flameape recently reminded me of the genius [...]


Planning for South-By

I’m heading out for SXSW first thing tomorrow morning. This is the fourth time I’ve attended the film and interactive festival and conference and it’s always a logistical nightmare figuring out what panels and sessions I want to get to and what films I want to see, but this year is especially complicated and exciting [...]


Dear Councilor Keogh

I’m a constituent in Ward 5. I live in Ledgewood Condominiums on Austin Drive. I should also point out that I just voted for your re-election on Tuesday. I’m writing to express my strong support for the option of turning over the reins of Burlington Telecom to Tim Nulty and the “Group of 9″ so [...]