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Dear Councilor Keogh

Posted on Mar 5, 2010 by billsimmon in Comcast sucks, community media, Digital Culture, politics, vermont | 0 Comments

I’m a constituent in Ward 5. I live in Ledgewood Condominiums on Austin Drive. I should also point out that I just voted for your re-election on Tuesday. I’m writing to express my strong support for the option of turning over the reins of Burlington Telecom to Tim Nulty and the “Group of 9″ so that the municipal fiber network can pay off its debt and return to a responsible management structure (as detailed at

I live in a neighborhood that has never been connected to BT because of the expense of laying the fiber lines underground. Despite having never had access to the service promised by BT, I recognize the unique and amazing asset that the network represents for the city. I strongly urge you to consider the extraordinary level of expertise being offered by the Group of 9, and to support their bid to step in and save the flailing state-of-the-art fiber network.

Bill Simmon


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