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First (long) Day

Posted on Mar 13, 2010 by billsimmon in awesome, Life of Bill, movies, people I want to get drunk with, sxsw | 1 Comments

Okay, it’s after 2:30 AM so this is gonna be brief.

Tim Blake Nelson and I made eye contact at JFK this morning. He was on my flight to Austin. I passed his row on my way to the lavatory and noticed he was watching a 1970s Roy Scheider movie on his laptop that may or may not have been Marathon Man.

On the Supershuttle to the hotel, the guy sitting behind me happened to be a fellow named Charlie who emailed me several days ago about bringing me to Sheffield, UK to talk about community media at a film/doc fest there in November. We had a nice chat about English steel towns and international soccer.

My hotel room has a mini bar.

Stood in line with Ian for a first look at Robert Rodriguez’ Predators reboot but just missed getting a seat. I got the chance to chat in line with Annalee Newitz from io9 and a bunch of other fine folks too, including a writer for the Hollywood Reporter who was really funny and who showed his man boobs to a packed house at the Alamo Ritz later on.

We did make it into Tucker and Dale vs. Evil and it was AWESOME.

Between these events, I hung out some Vermont peeps at three different bars and had lots of yummy beer.

I’m too tired to add links to these things. Do some Googling. Especially Tucker and Dale.

Sleep now. Another big day tomorrow.



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  1. On March 13, 2010, Jack said:

    Welcome Texas. Hope you have a great time in the only OTHER city in Texas worth living in.
    If you come to San Antonio for some reason, look me up.

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