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SXSW Day Three

Posted on Mar 15, 2010 by billsimmon in community media, Digital Culture, Life of Bill, people I want to get drunk with, sxsw | 1 Comments

Today was actually kind of nice and relaxing. I was up early enough to catch the first sessions (at the crack of eleven). I went to the What is Open Video panel and halfway through, I realized that I was missing the Clay Shirky talk that was happening simultaneously. Shirky is one of the interactive rockstars on the conference bill that I really wanted to see, so even though the open video panel was really good and provocative, I left halfway through and caught the end of Shirky’s talk.

Often at SXSW when I’m at a presentation that I have some expertise in, I feel like I know as much about the subject matter as the presenters (or if it’s a bad panel, I think I know more). But Shirky is way smarter than me and really thoughtful and articulate and inspiring. He synthesizes these facts about web culture and derives this really hopeful outlook from them. I managed to chat Shirky up after his talk and get some advice for my presentation tomorrow.

Lunch was with PSFR listener and notes-taker, Mike McCaffrey. Nice to get a chance to chat with him.

I took some time out from the day’s schedule to take some pictures around the convention hall (nothing to post yet, but I will). Then I caught the incomparable Jeffrey Tambour doing his actor’s workshop. I saw him do it two years ago and I learned more about directing actors from that hour and a half session than I did while making all of my films put together. This year was equally great.

I had to skip out of the Tambour thing to go meet Charlie from the Sheffield Doc Fest about the possibility of me going to the UK in November to talk about community media. I hope that comes together. I’d love to visit the UK (and I know Emily would love it too).

Then it was nearly time to get over to Manuel’s for our dinner reservations. Andy, Todd, Adam, Lawrence, Ian and I had an awesome dinner. Chicken mole. mmmm….

Then that crew hoofed it over to the out of the way place called Clive for drinks. We met up with a bunch of other Vermonters there and had a really great time. While we were there an entourage of limos and beautiful people showed up — obviously for a secret after-party for some film. Some investigating later and we were able to suss that Malin Ackerman (Silk Spectre in Watchmen) was in the party.

I met some Vermonters I didn’t know, including some nice folks from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Good times hangin’ with the homies.

Now I have to do some prep work for my presentation tomorrow and get some sleep. Sweet dreams, Internet.



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