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SXSW Day the Last

Posted on Mar 16, 2010 by billsimmon in Life of Bill, sxsw | 3 Comments

Much too exhausted to blog effectively. Instead here’s a brief list of things that happened today.

  • Chatted with Amanda Congdon about Chuck Olsen’s relative awesomeness.
  • Commiserated with the director of American: The Bill Hicks Story over SXSW’s lackluster business center. Seriously? They don’t take cash for 25 cent printing purchases?
  • Said some shite to a room full of nerds.
  • Got bored at a cinematography panel — I know, I didn’t think it was possible either.
  • Got passed on the street by porn star Nina Hartley.
  • Ate some tacos.
  • Talked to an interesting artist/filmmaker/photographer who gave me a thumb drive with his animated short on it.
  • Got pressured into eating some amazing freshly cured sausage and excellent beer in an art gallery.
  • Schmoozed my way into a guest-list-only British rock show and spent 5 hours there, finishing up by seeing Billy. Fucking. Bragg.

Home tomorrow night.



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  1. Amanda Congdon? Cool. How is she?

  2. Um…she’s irrelevant.

  3. On April 22, 2010, billsimmon said:

    Jeez, Greg. She’s a very nice person who had some good advice for people getting into web video. She was also a virtual guest at Chuck Olsen’s wedding! They set up a laptop for her to video chat in. I should have asked her if she dressed up!

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