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Somewhere, somehow, I always knew that a place like this existed. I just knew it. Look at that beautiful color palette. Via Wired. Click to embiggen. Nearly every ounce of Kraft cheese product—from Velveeta to Kraft Singles—spends part of its life in a 680-pound container inside this 400,000-square-foot subterranean fridge. It’s not about aging, it’s [...]


Eye of the Storm

I’m no Steampunk nerd, but this video is completely awesome. Read about how it was made here.


Snowpocalypse Now

Vermont is effectively closed today, February 2, 2011, because of all the snow. It’s not quite the Feb. 14 record nor’easter from a few years ago, but it’s in that neighborhood. The free day has left me with little to do, hence this rare blog post. It’s Groundhog Day, and Encore is running a Groundhog [...]