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Ten Years Ago Today…

Posted on Sep 11, 2011 by billsimmon in family, friends, Life of Bill, sad, TV, vermont | 0 Comments

…I was awakened by a phone call from my cousin Jessica, who was due to fly to Vermont from Illinois later that day. She said “well we’re obviously not coming today.” I said “what? Why?” She said “turn on your TV.”

I watched the towers fall and then I got a call from my friend David Adolphus, who’s dad worked in the WTC. David hadn’t heard from his dad and was looking for someone to help distract him, so I met up with him and spent the day hanging out around Burlington. We noted how odd it was that there were no planes in the sky at all. We wound up at the Radio Bean listening to the unfolding news and occasionally when some new, awful piece of video would hit the news, everyone in the Bean would go over to the OP to look at their TVs. David said goodnight around 10pm.

I would up at my friend Nichole’s place in Winooski watching a worn out and bedraggled Peter Jennings burn the midnight oil on the TV and listening to the Green Mountain Boys flex their muscles in their F-16s above us.

The next day I learned that David’s father was okay. He’d seen the burning towers from the subway platform on his way to work.

How did you spend the day?


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