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Bill Blathers On and On…

Posted on Feb 15, 2012 by billsimmon in Digital Culture, social media | 0 Comments

A former student just stopped by and asked if he could interview me about blogging and social media for his netroots class (he had a book by Clay Shirky with him as his text). I said sure and offered to record it for him on a digital audio recorder so he wouldn’t have to take notes as we talked. Since I have the audio file handy, I’m posting the 25-minute interview here in case anyone (mom) is interested in hearing it. In the interview I blather on about blogging, social media, filmmaking, netroots activism, politics and such. Listening to it, I realize I’ve adopted that thing that I hear other narcissistic smart-asses do when talking out their asses about such topics — I use “right” as a placeholder word, instead of “like” or “um” or whatever. I’m such a poseur. Anyway, here’s the mp3.


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