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Alien: Cubed

Okay, so because Casey Rae just won’t let sleeping dogs lie, I went ahead and re-watched Alien³. You see, waaaaaay back in 2009 Casey left a comment on my blog that said he thought that Aliens was “way weaker than Alien³.” I could not see how an otherwise intelligent and articulate hominid like Casey could [...]


Tinfoil Party Hats for Everyone!

Although I basically never touch this blog anymore, I have to come out of hibernation for a moment and mention that tonight, April 15, 2014, is the tenth anniversary of my very first Candleblog post. The tenth anniversary is the tin anniversary, so everyone please put on your tinfoil party hats and raise a glass [...]


Kosmoplastique is GO!

  Hi. I’m a zombie. I just spent 24 hours (well, 26 really) in a digital storytelling competition called #StoryhackVT. I was part of a five-person team called #Kosmoplastique (and yes, I enjoy #usinghashtagsoutsideoftwitter). The deal is this: Saturday at 10AM eastern a “theme” was announced. All of the competing teams then had 24 hours [...]


Feeling nostalgic

I’m having one of those moments when I can’t stop thinking about a certain period of my life. I just watched the pilot episode of The Americans on FX, about a pair of undercover KGB agents living in Washington DC in the early 80s. The needle-drops included Fleetwood Mac, Phil Collins and Pat Benetar and [...]


I Will Love The Newsroom In Spite of Itself

I’ve been waiting for Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO show, The Newsroom, for more than a year. When I learned that the show-runner for Sports Night, The West Wing, and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip had a show coming to the network where all the great shows live, and that this show would be a [...]


Ten Tips for Creating Decent Web Video

I’ve been asked to speak next week about using video in a social media context as part of BTV Social Media Day. In preparation for that event, I’ve dusted off an old “6 tips” document I’ve used in the past and added some tips bringing the total up to ten. The audience will be mostly [...]


PSFR chat for 4/15/12

Dreamhost is having a problem with the PSFR server so I’m hosting this week’s PSFR chat at Candleblog. Also, today is this blog’s 8th blogiversary. Cue the balloon-drop. Show is live today from 4-6pm eastern. Go here for LIVE stream options. PSFR179


Bill Blathers On and On…

A former student just stopped by and asked if he could interview me about blogging and social media for his netroots class (he had a book by Clay Shirky with him as his text). I said sure and offered to record it for him on a digital audio recorder so he wouldn’t have to take [...]


2011 year in [geek] review

Cross-posted at Geek Mountain State. Andrew at Geek Mountain State asked me to write a post looking back at nerdy stuff in 2011. I didn’t see every movie or play every video game, so this isn’t an all-encompassing year-in-review post, but as I made my notes preparing to write the thing, I realized it was [...]


Weekend links

Links too delicious not to share… This is old, but I love it. Free speech is not a pony. My friend Spine got one of these and we wants it, precious. Some thoughtful thoughts by Casey Re: the onerous Stop Online Piracy Act. Alan Moore reacts to Frank Miller’s BS. It’s true. William Shatner and [...]