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Tinfoil Party Hats for Everyone!

Although I basically never touch this blog anymore, I have to come out of hibernation for a moment and mention that tonight, April 15, 2014, is the tenth anniversary of my very first Candleblog post. The tenth anniversary is the tin anniversary, so everyone please put on your tinfoil party hats and raise a glass [...]


PSFR chat for 4/15/12

Dreamhost is having a problem with the PSFR server so I’m hosting this week’s PSFR chat at Candleblog. Also, today is this blog’s 8th blogiversary. Cue the balloon-drop. Show is live today from 4-6pm eastern. Go here for LIVE stream options. PSFR179


WordPress woes and sucky spam

I’m revisiting my blog a bit these days, trying to figure out a way to make it useful for me and integrate it into my other social networking outlets, which have more or less taken over my net-life recently. In the process, I’ve come to have to actually deal with old WP versions and malicious [...]


Hello Blog, It’s Me, Bill

Emily and I are heading out on Friday for a little vacation in my ancestral homeland (northern Illinois) to hang out, play games and drink like fish with my extended family. This is just a little post to say hi and check in on things me-related before we leave. It’s worth mentioning that this blog [...]


You’ve Come a Long Way, Blogger.

Long time readers of this blog may have noticed a certain… lag in the posting frequency around here. I could trot out the usual excuses of my relative hectic schedule and demanding lifestyle, but the truth is, my Internet habits have changed in the last couple of years. Some time ago I switched my work [...]


They Say It’s Your Blogoversary…

…well it’s my blogoversary too. This bad blog was begun in the wee hours of April 15th, 2004, making us six years old today. Please send cake.


Some web video dos and don’ts

I just watched this web video interview with ProBlogger scribe Darren Rowse in which he admonishes new bloggers to blog abut subjects they have some expertise in. This is really good advice — it makes the blog in question not only interesting and entertaining (assuming the blogger has some writing chops and a winning personality) [...]


End of the semester blues

I’ve got several blog posts brewing — linkdumps and rants about non-violence and the efficacy of war and facebook privacy nonsense — but with the semester ending and the holidays in full swing, they all have to wait a bit. Stay with me though, things will pick up around here before too long. Two quick [...]



I knew this was coming. I read the security warnings and everything. I just put off upgrading my WP install and I was hacked. As a security measure, I just deleted any user account I wasn’t 100% sure was owned by a human. If your Candleblog subscriber account was nuked, my apologies, but it’s easy [...]


The Daysies just got FABULOUS!

Congratulations to the fine ladies of The House of LeMay for bringing home the 2009 Daysie for Best Vermont Blog (non-political)! At last year’s Daysies party they made it abundantly clear that their much-mascaraed eyes were on the prize in 2009. I bow at their impressively clad feet. Candleblog is proud to be in the [...]