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FCC vs. Comcast & Net Neutrality linkdump!

I’m writing a piece for SXSWorld Magazine about the recent Comcast/FCC DC circuit court decision and it’s implications for broadband regulatory structure and net neutrality. Sounds like fun, huh? Well if you’re a telecom policy wonk looking for some good info on all this brouhaha, this is the linkdump for you! To wit… Here’s the [...]


Dear Councilor Keogh

I’m a constituent in Ward 5. I live in Ledgewood Condominiums on Austin Drive. I should also point out that I just voted for your re-election on Tuesday. I’m writing to express my strong support for the option of turning over the reins of Burlington Telecom to Tim Nulty and the “Group of 9″ so [...]


and oh yeah, Comcast sucks.

Our internet has been in and out for two days. That’s typical for the weekend. It’s astounding how used to it I’ve become. Imagine if another utility — say the electric company — had regular outages or intermittent service as a common occurrence. They’d lose their Certificate of Public Good in two minutes flat. Somehow [...]


A/V Upgrade: What’s Wrong With Comcast

Okay. Here’s a sketch of what’s occurred in the last 36 hours. If you want to skip the nitty gritty, just jump down to the “conclusions” portion at the bottom. A Comcast technician came to my house yesterday morning to install the a multi-stream CableCARD. He spent a good 30 minutes on the phone with [...]


Dear Comcast (UPDATED)

Hi, I’m in Burlington, Vermont. I just scheduled a CableCARD install appointment at my house for my TiVo HD XL on Wednesday afternoon, the 18th. I have a few questions I’m concerned about and Detreon Roberts left a comment on my blog suggesting I write in with questions or concerns. First, I’ve been told by [...]


A/V upgrade update: Delivery and CableCARDS

I’m expecting the the new plasma screen sometime tomorrow and the TiVo HD XL a day later. I’ll try and keep updating the blog with progress reports. The saga will involve dealings with Comcast, which always carries with it the chance of extraordinary frustration, but I’ll keep an open mind and if my dealings with [...]


TV upgrade: woes and “whoas”

Warning: what follows are ruminations on my home A/V set-up. This post will really only interest the A/V gearheads among you. We here in the Stoneking/Simmon household have had an HDTV for a little over three years, when my brother got us a 32″ Samsung 720p (16:9) CRT (cathode ray tube) as a wedding present, [...]


Help! Simple networking question (Comcast FAIL)

Okay, I have a dirt-simple question that anyone with half a brain and any amount of networking experience should be able to answer in 2 seconds. I have neither so I need to reach out and ask someone. Here’s the situation: I have three Comcast cable lines coming into my house — one feeding our [...]


OMG Comcast sucks ass!

We’re doing our taxes and because of my particular line of self-employment (and Emily’s too) we write off our telecom bill. So I want to see exactly how much we paid Comcast in 2008 for cable and internet. Sounds simple, right? I could go digging through old bills and credit card receipts, or I could, [...]