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13: Vermont’s Superhero?

I was hanging out with Flameape (Greg) the other day and he’s been doing these sketches of public domain superheroes, that is, superheroes from the 1940s (mostly) that have fallen into the public domain for one reason or another. These are forgotten characters from a period of time when third rate comics and illustrated adventure [...]


Defending and Defaming Watchmen

The internet is abuzz this week, reacting to the long-awaited, much anticipated release of the Watchmen movie. Emily and I went to go see it on Friday with our pod of nerds and this blog post has been percolating around in my head since then. This post isn’t so much a review of Watchmen as [...]


Avoiding cheese is bad for you!

Here’s proof, according to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Vegans are moderately advanced, but cowardly, and constantly radiating gravitons.  Why isn’t the dairy lobby all over this??? Via And I Am Not Lying.


Nerdy shirt give-away!

Part of the process of purging all our crap that Emily and I have been going through for the past couple of months includes parting with stuff I love but can never or will never use.  Such is the case with these t-shirts.  These gems are from my 1990s days of managing Earth Prime Comics [...]



I don’t normally link to the often-brilliant XKCD strip because all of the other, cooler bloggers get to it before I do.  I’m linking to this one though because of its extra awesome-osity.  It’s too big to show you the whole thing in this post, but here’s a detail…


Square peg, mostly square hole

I’m adapting a short screenplay I wrote a couple of years back into a comic book script (blogged about here) and it’s a fascinating process.  Comics and movies are very similar media, creatively.  Writing a comic script scratches the exact same creative itch that film directing scratches for me — I take the screenplay, which [...]



I read the first 9 issues of Warren Ellis’ Fell last night.  Good stuff.  Each issue is a stand-alone story, so you can pretty much read them in any order, though you do get some nice little through lines if you read sequentially.  Ben Templesmith’s art is perfect for the material.  Here’s part of Cory [...]


Artsy Fartsy Comics Thread

Odum and I have been going at it in the comments thread of my Dark Knight post.  I’m mentioning it here because that post has slipped behind the front page of Candleblog and it’s an interesting disagreement we’re having.  Any Candleblog readers who are into comics should check it out. I’m posting the two most [...]


Stuff I’ve been meaning to blog about

How lame is this: A blog post about all the would-be blog posts that I haven’t gotten around to writing.  Pretty lame.  Still, these are the things that I’ll try and tackle when my time frees up a bit (sometime around Christmas at this rate)… John (GMD) Odum responded at length in the comments of [...]


Batman zen

Boing Boing offers some possibilities for the greatest Batman panels of all time.  These are pretty great.  Click them for larger views.