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Ten Years Ago Today…

…I was awakened by a phone call from my cousin Jessica, who was due to fly to Vermont from Illinois later that day. She said “well we’re obviously not coming today.” I said “what? Why?” She said “turn on your TV.” I watched the towers fall and then I got a call from my friend [...]


Breakfast in BTV

My friends Ian and Rae asked Emily and me to brunch tomorrow in Burlington, and since they live in Bristol, they asked for us to make some brunch recommendations. I’m somewhat opinionated about this particular subject, so I listed my favorite brunch places thusly (quoting my email to them)… Emily and I like different things [...]


Where There’s Smoke…

Back in the early 1990s I was a budding filmmaker and one night I had a conversation with my friend (and fellow budding filmmaker) Alex Woolfson on the phone about a scene that was playing out in my head (these conversations were common and continue to this day). The scene was of a man coming [...]


Prepping For the Big Eats

We take Thanksgiving fairly seriously at the Stoneking/Simmon household. We take it so seriously in fact, that when I just tweeted about how I’d gotten a 13 lb. pre-turkey for making stock that I’m going to brine and roast on Saturday, I got a direct message from a friend who said, “You really don’t mess [...]


Hump day tab-clearing

First off, I attended the kick-off party for Philip Baruth’s State Senate campaign last night at Nectar’s. Learn more about Philip here and get involved! Also, this happened yesterday. Mazel tov, NTodd! Now here’s an assortment of stuff to keep you amused, mid-week… Why you smart, energetic twenty-somethings should think twice before starting a non-profit. [...]


History of the Future

Hey bloggyland… I know it’s been a week since the last Candleblog post. Insert my usual complaints about my busy life, etc. here. I’ll have a big juicy likdump for you tomorrow to make up for it, I promise. Emily and I just got home from Selene Colburn’s History of the Future Collection dance performance. [...]


Suck it, Lou Dobbs!

…and congratulations to Steve Benen for making AtlanticWire’s list of The Atlantic 50 — the 50 “most influential commentators in the nation.” Wow. Nice job, Steve. Here’s how they arrived at the list, on which Steve is listed as #44 — one higher than Lou Dobbs. I think Steve should consider this alone a personal [...]


PDX notable moments so far

I have a lot of free time today… hours and hours in fact, so I’m going to try and sum up the noteworthy events of the lest several days of my trip in chronological order: Wednesday 7/15: Flew from BTV to PDX. Arrived at 1AM local time. Sat next to ACM sisters and brothers from [...]


This is gonna be fun…

Here is a list of things I’m going to do next week on my trip to Portland, Oregon… Attend the national Alliance for Community Media conference Visit with new and old friends See The Decemberists and Andrew Bird play an outdoor show See the movie Moon Attend a live theater-in-the-park performance of the classic Star [...]


Magic Orange Brick

Back in the early 90s I used to sing funny songs with my friends Spine and Mazur. We called ourselves “Spamnation” and would entertain our friends at parties with a couple of original songs we’d arranged, with me playing the guitar and the three of us singing in three-part harmony. We toyed around with several [...]