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Feeling nostalgic

I’m having one of those moments when I can’t stop thinking about a certain period of my life. I just watched the pilot episode of The Americans on FX, about a pair of undercover KGB agents living in Washington DC in the early 80s. The needle-drops included Fleetwood Mac, Phil Collins and Pat Benetar and [...]


Ten Tips for Creating Decent Web Video

I’ve been asked to speak next week about using video in a social media context as part of BTV Social Media Day. In preparation for that event, I’ve dusted off an old “6 tips” document I’ve used in the past and added some tips bringing the total up to ten. The audience will be mostly [...]


Your guide to the SXSW PanelPicker

Time is running out to vote for your favorite SXSW panels (the deadline is Friday) so I’m once again encouraging my small corner of the Internet to log in and vote my panel proposal about building a culture of community media in your area. Remember how I totally didn’t bug you for your Daysie vote [...]


Vote for my SXSW panel!

I have submitted a panel proposal to SXSW for the 2010 Film & Interactive conferences. The panel I submitted is called “Hyperlocal Focus: Growing a Vibrant Community Media Ecosystem.” Here’s the description: Filmmakers, videobloggers, podcasters, pirate & low-power radio jocks and public access TV producers are all creating content in your local community, but they [...]


Nerdy shirt give-away!

Part of the process of purging all our crap that Emily and I have been going through for the past couple of months includes parting with stuff I love but can never or will never use.  Such is the case with these t-shirts.  These gems are from my 1990s days of managing Earth Prime Comics [...]


Already with the technical problems!

If any wordpress or web geniuses out there have some advice for me, here’s what just happened: was crashing browsers.  I tried returning home to the blog and I was getting a spinning beachball of death as Candleblog tried to load.  It totally crashed Firefox 3, Firefox 2 and Safari whenever I tried to [...]