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Weekend links

Links too delicious not to share… This is old, but I love it. Free speech is not a pony. My friend Spine got one of these and we wants it, precious. Some thoughtful thoughts by Casey Re: the onerous Stop Online Piracy Act. Alan Moore reacts to Frank Miller’s BS. It’s true. William Shatner and [...]


Hello Blog, It’s Me, Bill

Emily and I are heading out on Friday for a little vacation in my ancestral homeland (northern Illinois) to hang out, play games and drink like fish with my extended family. This is just a little post to say hi and check in on things me-related before we leave. It’s worth mentioning that this blog [...]


FCC vs. Comcast & Net Neutrality linkdump!

I’m writing a piece for SXSWorld Magazine about the recent Comcast/FCC DC circuit court decision and it’s implications for broadband regulatory structure and net neutrality. Sounds like fun, huh? Well if you’re a telecom policy wonk looking for some good info on all this brouhaha, this is the linkdump for you! To wit… Here’s the [...]


Hump day links…

…for all your humping needs. I’m selling my Roland JC-120 stereo chorus amp and replacing it with with a little digital emulation amp. $1,625 “distressed” t-shirt. Rome is burning. Governing Lethal Behavior in Autonomous Robots Filmmaker Kyle Gilman espouses the efficacy of DSLR double-system filmmaking (and both inspires and depresses my film students). Salon takes [...]


Friday Smarty-Pants Links

It’s the first officially perfect day of spring here in northern Vermont. Here are some things to cogitate about as you idly meander about today… Clay Shirky has your must-read future-of-media essay for the week: The Collapse of Complex Business Models. Speaking of Shirky, he’s one of the respondents to this Pew Research Center survey [...]


Tuesday nerdy links

It’s supposed to be 84 degrees and sunny on Saturday. Fut the whuck? I suppose I’ll have to go outside or something now… 13 Ways of Looking at Liz Lemon Alien vs. Pooh A to Z of Awesomeness I feel certain I’ve seen this before, but everyone on the interwebz is linking to it like [...]


A (small) Dumping of the Links

Clearing some tabs… Who deserves credit for passage of the H/C bill? Some say it wouldn’t have happened without the efforts of one Steve Benen. Others give much-deserved credit to Hugh of Borg. Sam Harris says some really smart stuff about science and morality. Sam Harris also debates Deepak Chopra on ABC’s Nightline about whether [...]


Pre-SXSW linkdump

I’m clearing some tabs before the trip… This “Academy Award-Winning Trailer” borrows a bit from Soderbergh’s Schitzopolis, but in a good way. What you should “realistically” do if you find yourself the last person on Earth. Best. Cuckoo. Clock. Ever. An exhaustive hand-written list of Types of Bitches. Flameape recently reminded me of the genius [...]


Getting Better: Links

I was totally thrashed by the flu last week. I taught class a week ago Monday, despite feeling under the weather (mistake) and then for the next five days I couldn’t stand up for more than a few minutes at a time and had a very bad chest/head situation. There was no high fever, which [...]


Links for your Tuesday

Because I still occasionally find the five minutes in my schedule to do a linkdump… Selleck Waterfall Sandwich. God bless the Internet. Sexting, and what it means to be a girl How to report the news Augmented Hyper-Reality (a view of the future?) UK SF writer Damien G. Walter is teaching a class on science [...]