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Alien: Cubed

Okay, so because Casey Rae just won’t let sleeping dogs lie, I went ahead and re-watched Alien³. You see, waaaaaay back in 2009 Casey left a comment on my blog that said he thought that Aliens was “way weaker than Alien³.” I could not see how an otherwise intelligent and articulate hominid like Casey could [...]


2011 year in [geek] review

Cross-posted at Geek Mountain State. Andrew at Geek Mountain State asked me to write a post looking back at nerdy stuff in 2011. I didn’t see every movie or play every video game, so this isn’t an all-encompassing year-in-review post, but as I made my notes preparing to write the thing, I realized it was [...]


Dumb Side of the Moon

So the plot of Transformers Dark of the Moon is that in 1961 a ship carrying special Transformers technology that could help win the Cybertron war crashed on the Earth’s moon, was noticed by observers on Earth (in the US and USSR), who then had a space race to get to the moon and see [...]


Friday Smarty-Pants Links

It’s the first officially perfect day of spring here in northern Vermont. Here are some things to cogitate about as you idly meander about today… Clay Shirky has your must-read future-of-media essay for the week: The Collapse of Complex Business Models. Speaking of Shirky, he’s one of the respondents to this Pew Research Center survey [...]


First (long) Day

Okay, it’s after 2:30 AM so this is gonna be brief. Tim Blake Nelson and I made eye contact at JFK this morning. He was on my flight to Austin. I passed his row on my way to the lavatory and noticed he was watching a 1970s Roy Scheider movie on his laptop that may [...]


OMG I saw Up in the Air and… meh.

Like Juno, Sideways and Little Miss Sunshine before it, Up in the Air is a fine, somewhat tepid little Hollywood film with an indy flare that will get the Academy’s panties all up in a bunch at Oscar time, and movie pundits will wonder aloud why more films can’t be made with “heart.” And people [...]


10 Best SF Films of the Decade

Man, people on the interwebz are crazy about their top ten lists, especially when years, decades and centuries end. I’d just like to remind everyone reading that decades (that is, periods of ten years) are ending all the time. For example, the decade that began at 2:50 P.M. on December 21, 1999 just ended a [...]


Avatar in Black and White

What follows are my next-day thoughts on Avatar. Minor spoilers abound. Somewhere near the middle of James Cameron’s three-hour long sci-fi spectacle, Avatar, I had to pee. The “medium” Diet Pepsi I’d been nursing was making its presence known in my bladder and the matter was just becoming too urgent to ignore. So I waited [...]


Sci Fi heresy?

Am I the only one here who this this might be a good thing?


PDX notable moments so far

I have a lot of free time today… hours and hours in fact, so I’m going to try and sum up the noteworthy events of the lest several days of my trip in chronological order: Wednesday 7/15: Flew from BTV to PDX. Arrived at 1AM local time. Sat next to ACM sisters and brothers from [...]