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Alien: Cubed

Okay, so because Casey Rae just won’t let sleeping dogs lie, I went ahead and re-watched Alien³. You see, waaaaaay back in 2009 Casey left a comment on my blog that said he thought that Aliens was “way weaker than Alien³.” I could not see how an otherwise intelligent and articulate hominid like Casey could [...]


2011 year in [geek] review

Cross-posted at Geek Mountain State. Andrew at Geek Mountain State asked me to write a post looking back at nerdy stuff in 2011. I didn’t see every movie or play every video game, so this isn’t an all-encompassing year-in-review post, but as I made my notes preparing to write the thing, I realized it was [...]


10 Best SF Films of the Decade

Man, people on the interwebz are crazy about their top ten lists, especially when years, decades and centuries end. I’d just like to remind everyone reading that decades (that is, periods of ten years) are ending all the time. For example, the decade that began at 2:50 P.M. on December 21, 1999 just ended a [...]


Avatar in Black and White

What follows are my next-day thoughts on Avatar. Minor spoilers abound. Somewhere near the middle of James Cameron’s three-hour long sci-fi spectacle, Avatar, I had to pee. The “medium” Diet Pepsi I’d been nursing was making its presence known in my bladder and the matter was just becoming too urgent to ignore. So I waited [...]


Dear producers of FlashForward…

Hi. I like good dramatic TV. I like science fiction. I’m a LOST fan. I’m in a very desirable demographic for your advertisers. I have a blog and a radio show. Nice to meet you, I’m your target audience. Here’s the thing: I want to like your show. I saw your extended trailers online and [...]


Sci Fi heresy?

Am I the only one here who this this might be a good thing?


Krugman & Stross on the future

I just spent an hour and 15 minutes listening to two geniuses discuss science fiction and futurism. Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman sat down to have a conversation with Hugo Award winning author Charles Stross at Worldcon in Montreal last week. This stuff is chicken soup for the nerdy soul. Listen to an mp3 [...]


This is gonna be fun…

Here is a list of things I’m going to do next week on my trip to Portland, Oregon… Attend the national Alliance for Community Media conference Visit with new and old friends See The Decemberists and Andrew Bird play an outdoor show See the movie Moon Attend a live theater-in-the-park performance of the classic Star [...]


Sci-Fi July in Montpelier!

Once again the Savoy Theater in Montpelier is running a series of classic sci-fi gems on the big screen on the weekends. This is a chance to see these classics in 35mm (I assume they’re not running DVDs). It’s a decent line-up this year: Close Encounters, Slaughterhouse Five, Aliens, Brazil, Dr. Strangelove, among others. Check [...]


Speaking Klingon to Power

John Hodgman is my copilot… See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.