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Wait, which one of these guys is the reasonable one?

Watch this video, where former Republican Senate Majority Leader, Bill Frist, totally schools talk show host, atheist and Richard Dawkins Award winner, Bill Maher, on the efficacy of flu vaccines. It turns out that despite being a famous non-theist, Maher is a true believer of wacky alternative medicine claims, including the anti-vaccination nonsense that’s been [...]


Hand Sanitizers Will Be the Death of Us All

In the last few days I’ve heard a number of folks (on the radio, in person, on TV and online — including on this blog) say that they are going to begin using (or up their usage of) antiseptic hand sanitizers in response to the threat of the potential swine flu pandemic. So this is [...]


I am open-minded!

…I just don’t believe in God or ghosts or therapeutic touch. See below (Thanks, Alex!)


Stein backs out

So apparently funny game show host, part time actor, bad economist and really laughably lame Intelligent Design apologist Ben Stein was recently scheduled to give the commencement address at UVM this spring. This would be an occasion for me to rise up in furious scientific indignation and demand that Stein be disinvited, except a certain [...]


Why I love Mythbusters

Sure, Mythbusters is cool because its skepical and sciencey and because they tackle fun myths and urban legends and idioms. Sure I enjoy the dynamic between laconic, dour Jamie and hyper dorky, exuberant Adam. But really, I love Mythbusters because they are my people. Emily and I were just saying the other day how we [...]



Last night’s Cafe Scientifique was fun. It was surprisingly well-attended too. Seats were hard to find as the presentation began. It’s great that a pure science topic can bring out so many folks on a cold January weeknight. Dr. Dennis Clougherty gave a fascinating 30 minute talk on the history and current state of nanotechnology, [...]


…So bright and bug-quickly

Tonight’s full moon will be bigger and brighter than any full moon since 1993. It’s fairly rare when the perigee point of the moon’s orbit coincides with the full moon. The result is a big, bright, werewolf-inducing sight. And no, there’s no reason to suspect that the extra bright full moon will result in more [...]