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Kosmoplastique is GO!

  Hi. I’m a zombie. I just spent 24 hours (well, 26 really) in a digital storytelling competition called #StoryhackVT. I was part of a five-person team called #Kosmoplastique (and yes, I enjoy #usinghashtagsoutsideoftwitter). The deal is this: Saturday at 10AM eastern a “theme” was announced. All of the competing teams then had 24 hours [...]


Technology Will Save Us All

For Emily’s birthday, I got her a nifty little device that really tugs on my techno-utopian bone. It’s called a Fitbit, and it’s a little doo-hickey that you carry around that contains a 3-D motion tracking accelerometer (sort of like a Wii controller) that infers all sorts of things about your behavior, and then generates [...]


Snowpocalypse Now

Vermont is effectively closed today, February 2, 2011, because of all the snow. It’s not quite the Feb. 14 record nor’easter from a few years ago, but it’s in that neighborhood. The free day has left me with little to do, hence this rare blog post. It’s Groundhog Day, and Encore is running a Groundhog [...]


Friday Smarty-Pants Links

It’s the first officially perfect day of spring here in northern Vermont. Here are some things to cogitate about as you idly meander about today… Clay Shirky has your must-read future-of-media essay for the week: The Collapse of Complex Business Models. Speaking of Shirky, he’s one of the respondents to this Pew Research Center survey [...]