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Feeling nostalgic

I’m having one of those moments when I can’t stop thinking about a certain period of my life. I just watched the pilot episode of The Americans on FX, about a pair of undercover KGB agents living in Washington DC in the early 80s. The needle-drops included Fleetwood Mac, Phil Collins and Pat Benetar and [...]



Hello, blog. Trying to find a way to reintegrate you into my media stream. Please bear with me. Here are some yummy links to feed you with… Best rundown I’ve seen yet of where Apple went wrong with the release of the much-reviled Final Cut Pro X. (This issue caused NYTimes tech writer David Pogue [...]


Hello Blog, It’s Me, Bill

Emily and I are heading out on Friday for a little vacation in my ancestral homeland (northern Illinois) to hang out, play games and drink like fish with my extended family. This is just a little post to say hi and check in on things me-related before we leave. It’s worth mentioning that this blog [...]


Tuesday nerdy links

It’s supposed to be 84 degrees and sunny on Saturday. Fut the whuck? I suppose I’ll have to go outside or something now… 13 Ways of Looking at Liz Lemon Alien vs. Pooh A to Z of Awesomeness I feel certain I’ve seen this before, but everyone on the interwebz is linking to it like [...]


Planning for South-By

I’m heading out for SXSW first thing tomorrow morning. This is the fourth time I’ve attended the film and interactive festival and conference and it’s always a logistical nightmare figuring out what panels and sessions I want to get to and what films I want to see, but this year is especially complicated and exciting [...]


10 Best SF Films of the Decade

Man, people on the interwebz are crazy about their top ten lists, especially when years, decades and centuries end. I’d just like to remind everyone reading that decades (that is, periods of ten years) are ending all the time. For example, the decade that began at 2:50 P.M. on December 21, 1999 just ended a [...]


Avatar in Black and White

What follows are my next-day thoughts on Avatar. Minor spoilers abound. Somewhere near the middle of James Cameron’s three-hour long sci-fi spectacle, Avatar, I had to pee. The “medium” Diet Pepsi I’d been nursing was making its presence known in my bladder and the matter was just becoming too urgent to ignore. So I waited [...]


If Bill and I were to have a daughter…

…would we be like these parents (by which I mean: totally awesome)? Via: Nerdcore


PDX notable moments so far

I have a lot of free time today… hours and hours in fact, so I’m going to try and sum up the noteworthy events of the lest several days of my trip in chronological order: Wednesday 7/15: Flew from BTV to PDX. Arrived at 1AM local time. Sat next to ACM sisters and brothers from [...]


This is gonna be fun…

Here is a list of things I’m going to do next week on my trip to Portland, Oregon… Attend the national Alliance for Community Media conference Visit with new and old friends See The Decemberists and Andrew Bird play an outdoor show See the movie Moon Attend a live theater-in-the-park performance of the classic Star [...]