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I Will Love The Newsroom In Spite of Itself

I’ve been waiting for Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO show, The Newsroom, for more than a year. When I learned that the show-runner for Sports Night, The West Wing, and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip had a show coming to the network where all the great shows live, and that this show would be a [...]


2011 year in [geek] review

Cross-posted at Geek Mountain State. Andrew at Geek Mountain State asked me to write a post looking back at nerdy stuff in 2011. I didn’t see every movie or play every video game, so this isn’t an all-encompassing year-in-review post, but as I made my notes preparing to write the thing, I realized it was [...]


Ten Years Ago Today…

…I was awakened by a phone call from my cousin Jessica, who was due to fly to Vermont from Illinois later that day. She said “well we’re obviously not coming today.” I said “what? Why?” She said “turn on your TV.” I watched the towers fall and then I got a call from my friend [...]



Hello, blog. Trying to find a way to reintegrate you into my media stream. Please bear with me. Here are some yummy links to feed you with… Best rundown I’ve seen yet of where Apple went wrong with the release of the much-reviled Final Cut Pro X. (This issue caused NYTimes tech writer David Pogue [...]


Really Really Good TV Right Now

Here’s a quick look at some of the awesome TV that I’m enjoying right now that you should be watching too… Sundays The Pacific (HBO) – From the Band of Brothers team. It’s on episode 7 of 10 now and it’s not as good as BoB was but it’s close. Treme (HBO) – David (The [...]


Clench redux

My favorite new TV show is Justified on FX. It stars Tim Olyphant more or less reprising his Seth Bullock role from Deadwood, only this time ol’ Clench is a US marshal based in present-day Kentucky. The show is based on a short story by Elmore Leonard, who serves as the executive producer.  It’s full [...]


Not suffering fools lightly: Rachel Maddow edition

I caught this the other night and as Rachel was explaining the facts of the story (about how a US rifle scope manufacturer has apparently been printing Bible verses on scopes that are then sold to the US military and used in combat operations in the middle east), I felt myself getting angry at the [...]


Spacetime Report

Ed. note: I’ve been doing these weekly Spacetime Reports at The Contrarian for a while now and I’m going to cross post them here for a while too since things have been a bit slow. Enjoy… Unfortunately, the new year has produced precious little in the way of interesting cosmological tidbits so far. I did [...]


The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret

Shut your fucking talk hole! Via Dear S.


Boldly Going Plasma!

Last night I finally hooked up the 50″ Panasonic G10 plasma display and got to see some results. We watched the Star Trek Blu-ray (released yesterday) and it looked pretty sweet. The TiVo and the Mac look great too, and the SD shows don’t even look too bad. Emily is a bit freaked out by [...]