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Rock Out With Your Caucus Out

In March of 1988, at the tender age of 17, I registered to vote for the first time at a Frank Zappa concert in Burlington’s Memorial Auditorium. I turned 18 before the 1988 presidential election and cast my first-ever ballot in November of that year. I remember voting for almost all of the Democrats (including [...]


Ten Years Ago Today…

…I was awakened by a phone call from my cousin Jessica, who was due to fly to Vermont from Illinois later that day. She said “well we’re obviously not coming today.” I said “what? Why?” She said “turn on your TV.” I watched the towers fall and then I got a call from my friend [...]



Hello, blog. Trying to find a way to reintegrate you into my media stream. Please bear with me. Here are some yummy links to feed you with… Best rundown I’ve seen yet of where Apple went wrong with the release of the much-reviled Final Cut Pro X. (This issue caused NYTimes tech writer David Pogue [...]


Snowpocalypse Now

Vermont is effectively closed today, February 2, 2011, because of all the snow. It’s not quite the Feb. 14 record nor’easter from a few years ago, but it’s in that neighborhood. The free day has left me with little to do, hence this rare blog post. It’s Groundhog Day, and Encore is running a Groundhog [...]


Breakfast in BTV

My friends Ian and Rae asked Emily and me to brunch tomorrow in Burlington, and since they live in Bristol, they asked for us to make some brunch recommendations. I’m somewhat opinionated about this particular subject, so I listed my favorite brunch places thusly (quoting my email to them)… Emily and I like different things [...]


13: Vermont’s Superhero?

I was hanging out with Flameape (Greg) the other day and he’s been doing these sketches of public domain superheroes, that is, superheroes from the 1940s (mostly) that have fallen into the public domain for one reason or another. These are forgotten characters from a period of time when third rate comics and illustrated adventure [...]


Planning for South-By

I’m heading out for SXSW first thing tomorrow morning. This is the fourth time I’ve attended the film and interactive festival and conference and it’s always a logistical nightmare figuring out what panels and sessions I want to get to and what films I want to see, but this year is especially complicated and exciting [...]


Dear Councilor Keogh

I’m a constituent in Ward 5. I live in Ledgewood Condominiums on Austin Drive. I should also point out that I just voted for your re-election on Tuesday. I’m writing to express my strong support for the option of turning over the reins of Burlington Telecom to Tim Nulty and the “Group of 9″ so [...]


An Evening Without…

It’s Banned Books Week and the Vermont ACLU is recognizing the occasion by hosting “a celebration of literature that features noted Vermont writers reading from works of literature that have been subjected to bans, or whose authors were barred from the U.S. because of their political viewpoints.” The event is free and open to the [...]


Defending the trolls

I had an op-ed piece in the Burlington Free Press today in which I defended the rights of anonymous internet trolls to be, well, trollish. I’m hoping the piece gets hounded by trolls so I can tell them how much they suck while defending their right to suck. Check it out.