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Kosmoplastique is GO!

  Hi. I’m a zombie. I just spent 24 hours (well, 26 really) in a digital storytelling competition called #StoryhackVT. I was part of a five-person team called #Kosmoplastique (and yes, I enjoy #usinghashtagsoutsideoftwitter). The deal is this: Saturday at 10AM eastern a “theme” was announced. All of the competing teams then had 24 hours [...]


FCC vs. Comcast & Net Neutrality linkdump!

I’m writing a piece for SXSWorld Magazine about the recent Comcast/FCC DC circuit court decision and it’s implications for broadband regulatory structure and net neutrality. Sounds like fun, huh? Well if you’re a telecom policy wonk looking for some good info on all this brouhaha, this is the linkdump for you! To wit… Here’s the [...]


An Evening Without…

It’s Banned Books Week and the Vermont ACLU is recognizing the occasion by hosting “a celebration of literature that features noted Vermont writers reading from works of literature that have been subjected to bans, or whose authors were barred from the U.S. because of their political viewpoints.” The event is free and open to the [...]


Defending the trolls

I had an op-ed piece in the Burlington Free Press today in which I defended the rights of anonymous internet trolls to be, well, trollish. I’m hoping the piece gets hounded by trolls so I can tell them how much they suck while defending their right to suck. Check it out.


Teenage Wasteland

[Here's another blast from Candleblog's past. This is a review I wrote of the film 13 Going On 30, originally published May 30, 2004] Okay okay, I admit it. I’m a sucker for dumb romantic comedies. It’s a sickness and I’m trying to work through it. When I say “dumb” romantic comedies, I’m not referring [...]


BSG and politics – Variety piece by Steve Benen!

My Poli-Sci-Fi Radio co-host, Steve Benen, wrote a short piece for Variety that’s out today (coinciding with the beginning of BSG season 4.5) about the fact that Battlestar Galactica is the most overtly political TV show since The West Wing.  He writes… no program in recent memory has covered such explicitly political ground. It features [...]


Bruce Sterling is my copilot.

He writes… I’m a bohemian type, so I could scarcely be bothered to do anything “financially sound” in my entire adult life. Last year was the first year when I’ve felt genuinely sorry for responsible, well-to-do people. Suddenly they’ve got the precariousness of creatives, of the underclass, without that gleeful experience of decades spent living-it-up. [...]


I’m pro-Contrarian!

My peeps at The Contrarian Media empire have got themselves some new digs, courtesy of Contrarian resident tubes-nerd and Kate Bush fan, Tanner McCuin. Tanner fashioned Casey and the boys (we seriously need some gender equity over there) a fancy new blog using WordPress, thus shedding the last vestiges of the old Solid State paradigm [...]


Still here!

I wrote a lengthy post yesterday about California’s proposition 8 and the definition of the word “right” as it pertains to constituations and case law and WordPress ate it and spit half of it back up. I got frustrated and couldn’t rewrite the thing. I’ll get to it soon. Been busy lately but have lots [...]


Meet the Contra-Contrarian

I have just submitted my first post to The Contrarian — the blog run by The Contrarian Media Group, which in turn is run by musician, writer, music policy wonk and former Vermonter, Casey Rae-Hunter. The Contrarian used to be Casey’s personal blog, but recently he’s been expanding the ranks of authors there and even [...]