The online journal of Vermont filmmaker, Bill Simmon.

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Candleblog isn’t the only content I produce. I’m also an award winning filmmaker! I’ve been making movies since the early 1990s. Aside from my personal work, produced by my own production entity, Candleboy Films, I also maintain an active film and video freelance business, shooting and editing video for clients including Eating Well Magazine, Technology Review, Ben & Jerry’s, Seventh Generation, IBM, Dean for America and more. For more information about my filmmaking professional life (hire me!), click here.

Below is a mostly-complete filmography of my personal projects (read: not for hire) that I’ve either made myself or been intimately involved in. Some of these films can be seen on my YouTube page.

Bill Simmon filmography…

  • Candleboy (1993, narrative short, hi8 video, 27 minutes – co-writer, director, producer)
  • Smoke (1994, narrative short, 3/4″ Umatic video, 13 minutes – director, producer, editor)
    *Honorable Mention, 1st Vermont Independent Video Festival
  • My Little Fetus (1998, parody TV commercial, 3/4″ SP video, 1 minute – co-writer, director, editor)
    *3rd place, Alliance for Community Media Northeast Region Video Festival
  • Baby (1999, experimental short, pinhole video, 1 minute – director of photography, editor)
    *1st place, Emulsion 60-second Video Festival
  • The Apartment (2000, narrative short, 16mm, 5 1/2 minutes – writer, director, producer)
    *First Place, Vermont Independent Video Festival
    *Outstanding Short, Burlington Stage & Screen Awards (Bessies)
  • INT. COFFEE HOUSE – NIGHT (2002, narrative short, DV, 10 minutes – writer, director, producer, editor)
  • The People’s Channel (2003, documentary short, DV, 10 minutes – director, editor)
  • The Perfect Goodnight Kiss (2004, narrative short, DV, 20 minutes – writer, co-director, producer, co-editor)
    *Honorable Mention, 2004 Vermont International Film Festival
  • Deception (2004, narrative short, DV, 9 minutes – writer, director, editor)
  • I’ll Hold Out (2004, music video, DV & 16mm, 4 minutes – director, editor)
  • Bye Bye Bye (2006, music video, DV, 3 minutes – director, editor)
  • Digital Pamphleteer (2007, documentary short, HD, 7 minutes – director, producer, editor)
    *James Goldstone Award, 2007 Vermont International Film Festival
    *Honorable Mention, 2008 Alliance for Community Media Hometown Video Festival
    *Best Documentary Short, 2008 Philadelphia Independent Film Festival
  • Never Too Late (currently in post production, feature-length concert film, DV – director, producer, editor)
  • High Water Mark (currently in production, feature length documentary, director, producer, editor)