Here are some mp3s for download. See below for purchasing information.

None of That (The Pants)
Lawnfire (Fred Sex)
Sometimes (Eat Crow)
Them Stones (Eat Crow)
Lucky in the Sun (Eat Crow)
Beat the Piss (Viva Los Pants!)

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The Pants released three original full-length albums in the 1990s (The Pants, Fred Sex and Eat Crow) and one compilation of rarities in 2006 (Viva Los Pants!). All of this music is available for purchase in one form or another.

Eat Crow (1997) is available from the iTunes Music Store, at, or from Pure Pop Records in Burlington, Vermont.

Viva Los Pants! (2006) is available from Neil Cleary. Send $12 via PayPal to lonesome whistle at hotmail dot com and include your mailing address.

The Pants (1994) and Fred Sex (1995) are out of print, but are available as individual tracks for download from The Pants’ MySpace page.


The PantsThe Pants (1994)

  1. None of That
  2. Fat Pig
  3. Lecherous
  4. Vermont
  5. Wanda (None Like U)
  6. Overboard
  7. I Used to Be

Fred SexFred Sex (1995)

  1. What the Fuck Does She Want?
  2. High Water Mark
  3. For the Love of a Woman
  4. Simmer Down
  5. Que Sera Sucks
  6. Surface Tension
  7. Lawnfire
  8. Wounded (You’re So Fine)
  9. All the Time; Me
  10. Song in Drunk

Eat CrowEat Crow (1997)

  1. Cows
  2. Sometimes
  3. Sea of Doubt
  4. Intruder Alert
  5. Them Stones
  6. Never Too Late
  7. Lucky in the Sun
  8. Drums
  9. Vibe Crusher
  10. 2000

viva_cover.jpgViva Los Pants! (2006)

  1. None of That
  2. Divan (Get Off of My)
  3. Beat the Piss
  4. Overboard
  5. Golgi Apparatus
  6. Rock & Roll
  7. Wounded
  8. Flowering Tree
  9. Both Eyes Closed
  10. Them Stones
  11. The Rainbow Connection

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